Burn Pounds of Fat, Sculpt A Six-Pack & Carve Lean Muscle Mass Without Becoming A Slave to The Gym Or Your Diet:

Read through this ENTIRE page to find out how some students are shedding dozens of pounds of body fat, increasing strength in key lifts, and adding lean muscle to their physique faster than ever before…

I know…sounds absolutely insane, but it’ll all make sense shortly. You see, my system actually incorporates a lot of the BEST features of the top workout programs from around the world… by utilizing the most effective methods for burning high amounts of fat, and combining them with the very best muscle building tactics. The combination of these 2 super-effective training methods is what allows you to get more done in less time, and leaves you with an absolutely killer physique by the end of the program…all while only having to train 3x per week.  

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Check Out These Before & After Pictures Of Real Guys Following My System:

Results like these are 100% achievable without the ridiculous demand of hour and a half long workouts, 4-5 days of the week; and without a strict diet of bland boiled chicken breasts, steamed broccoli, tasteless brown rice, and a myriad of expensive supplements.

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My name is Tanner Wideman, fitness professional and personal trainer, and I’ve successfully helped 100’s of guys across the globe sculpt admirable physiques. I also run a fitness YouTube channel that’s amassed 1000’s of subscribers and garnered 1,000,000’s of of views; the channel is rapidly climbing the ranks as one of the “go-to” fitness channels in the industry.

— Tanner Wideman 

I Was TORTURING Myself Training 5-10 Hours Per Week, With Minimal Results…

When I first began my fitness journey I spent a LOT of years banging my head against the wall and spinning my wheels.

I was training 5-10 hours per week, and following ridiculously strict diet plans in effort to build an impressive physique.

The result of all this hard work? Miniscule change…in fact, I was ashamed to tell anyone how much time I had really spent training, with such little change to show for it. 

From that point on, I began scouring the web for articles and blog posts by the top fitness gurus and professionals, buying all of the fitness and nutrition books I could get my hands on, watching all of the training videos I could possibly handle, and of course, reading all of the forums and threads with any form of fitness/ nutrition tips and advice. I even went as far as getting registered as a personal trainer to figure out how in the hell I could achieve results FASTER than ever. 

With my 1000’s of hours of research, study, as well as trial and error, I was finally able to piece together a system for achieving an impressive physique, without the demand of ridiculously long hours in the gym and an unbearably strict diet.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You’ve looked in the mirror while shirtless, and were down-right disappointed with your physique. 
  • A knot developed in your stomach at even the thought of having to take your shirt off in front of others. Especially the possibility of having to do so in front of a girl you were interested in. 
  • You’ve attempted to avoid scenarios where others would see you shirtless. 

It sucks... and I get it, but listen man, not handling this NOW, is going to make this situation a whole lot worse for you. By not taking the proper action now, your physique is going to keep dwindling and will actually make it even harder to bounce back from in the future.

You Don’t Have 5-10 Hours Per Week To Spend At The Gym…

It’s not your fault, you’re a busy guy. You have a job that consumes almost every waking hour of your existence. And not to mention all of life’s other responsibilities, as well as a social life too. You simply don’t have the 5-10 hours per week to be spending at the gym. And when it comes to great food…let’s be serious, it’s all too appetizing to fully say no.

I Was Just Like You:

I wanted to improve my physique too, but I simply didn’t want to spend 5-10 hours per week in the gym, while also strictly following a “clean diet”

It wasn’t feasible for me. There were a million others things’ nagging me for my attention, and the gym was the least of my concerns. 

Not to mention my appetite for great food… which made that whole “clean diet” phase very short.

After 10 Months of Training 7 Days Per Week, I Realized I Was Spinning My Wheels…

For all the hours I was putting in, I had very little results to show for it, so I vowed to figure out whatever was truly required to rapidly transform my physique. I looked high and low, and left no stone un-turned. 

I learned from the most physically successful guys in the world; the Arnold Schwarzeneggers, Michael Phelps, NBA Players, NFL Players, Professional Weight Lifting Coaches, Professional Track Coaches, World Renowned Nutritionists and Dieticians…you name it, and I was soaking it up. Every single piece of advice or idea I came across, I spent long hours scrutinizing, and testing for effectiveness. I stumbled upon loads of incredibly appealing tactics and strategies… unfortunately, most of them turned out to be lies and scams after putting them to the test. 

I personally went through 100’s of methods of training and nutrition, attempting to sort the good from the bad; unfortunately, most of it was bad, but there were some real gold nuggets I was able to walk-away with that really allowed me to begin noticing results quite rapidly. I also began avoiding all of the things that didn’t work (and mostly just wasted my time and/or money). 

After a few solid months of spending a majority of my waking existence searching for the answers I wanted, I began to compile a sort of “system” that I was following consistently to see results quickly, without the ridiculous demand of becoming a slave to the gym or a strict diet.

Just take a look at what these guys are saying about my system after putting it to the test…

The Fitness Industry Is Milking You For $1000’s of Dollars Every Year On Lazy Personal Trainers & Supplements That Don’t Work 

Listen man, there’s a reason you haven’t heard of an easy to follow system like this, and it’s simple. The fitness industry wants the process of achieving a great body to seem DIFFICULT. The more difficult it all seems, the more they can sucker you into buying supplements that don’t work, and spending $1000’s on lazy personal trainers every single year. 

They do this by attempting to convince you that the only way you’ll be able to make a transformation is by taking ‘X’ supplement, or by hiring an overpriced $80/ hour personal trainer to show you how to do it. Short and simply, by keeping the real answers to fat burning, and muscle building away from you, the fitness industry is able to milk more money out of you with bogus solutions that they know won’t work.

1 Killer Trick To Shed Pounds of Fat, and Carve A Sculpted Physique FAST…

Before we go any further, I’m going to share with you one of the most effective methods for getting into killer shape fast... 

This one isn’t often talked about. The exact technique I’m about to share with you is one of the biggest underlying factors of my success… all you have to do, is simply train to failure. You see, one of the greatest feats the human body is able to perform is adaptation. 

For 1000’s of years the human body has consistently and rapidly been doing exactly that; adapting to new environments, new habitats, whole era’s, plagues, and MUCH, much more. It’s one of the most incredible feats the human body is able to perform

Now, in terms of burning body fat and building lean muscle, let me explain exactly how this outstanding ability to adapt will help leverage your efforts to attain more results than ever before. 

When we begin training to absolute failure, the point where we’re no longer able to lift a weight for a full repetition, our body instantly recognizes that we’re no longer strong enough to handle the load in our environment (or, the weight in your hands). 

By continuously enforcing the fact that the body is no longer able to lift a weight for a full repetition, an internal switch will be triggered alerting the whole human body that there’s a need to adapt. In order to adapt to this stimuli, the body will begin to produce larger and stronger muscle tissue to handle the load the body is continuously attempting to lift. Through this process of adapting and growing stronger muscle tissue, your body will have to utilize a vast majority of it’s greatest resource as fuel; body fat

Not only that, but when you push your body to this point of failure consistently, it will require a fair amount of energy to do so; again, this energy will be sourced from your fat stores. Leaving you leaner, stronger, and with larger quantities of muscle tissue.

For Only 45 Minutes, 3 Times Per Week. Just Imagine…

Finally being able to burn that stubborn belly fat, carve a six pack, and build lean muscle mass FAST. How would it feel to take your shirt off in public with confidence, knowing underneath your shirt you had a sculpted set of abs, chiselled chest, and muscular arms? 

How would you hold yourself knowing you had that type of physique? 

How would it feel running into old friends you hadn’t seen in a few years, to see them all looking flabby and out of shape. They’d be pestering you about your secrets to getting a killer body. 

Imagine how girls would look at you with that kind of physique; the look of surprise on their faces when you catch them checking you out.

I’ll tell you this much, moments like those are the moments that are incomparable to anything else in life. 

Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

For the past few years I’ve been quietly working on a system that lays out the steps required to achieve all of this

In fact, these were the EXACT steps that I’ve personally used to burn body fat, carve a six pack and build lean muscle mass while only having to train 3 times per week, and still enjoying the freedom to eat like a king every day. 

This program is an absolute monster, and it goes by the name of the...

Barbarian Physique Sculpting Program

The program includes the EXACT step-by-step workout program that I’ve been using for the past few years, to carve lean muscle mass and burn body fat faster than ever

This will include...

1. (Video) 3 Full Length Workout Walk-Throughs. A Step-By-Step Breakdown of Full Workout Routines. 

With this up-close and personal style of content, you’ll receive access to several in-depth videos, where you’ll get to see me perform entire workouts from the program. Throughout these videos I’ll also be taking the time to breakdown certain exercises, explaining the correct form, thinking process, and methodology for successfully executing the workouts. These videos will demonstrate exactly how to perform each workout and exercise to quickly burn fat, build lean muscle mass, and do so while staying safe and preventing injury. 

2. (PDF) My KILLER Fat Burning & Muscle Building Nutrition Breakdown - While Still Eating Like A KING

This section of the program will reveal the exact eating structure required to stimulate higher amounts of fat burning and lean muscle building. Not only that, but I’ll also be sharing with you my method for doing so while still allowing you the freedom to eat the foods you love every single day! With this system I’ll show you how to properly portion your macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats) to begin rapidly burning fat while simultaneously building lean muscle mass. In addition, I’ll also be breaking down the proper technique to calculate the exact amount of calories you need every single day; custom to your age, height, physical goals, and level of activity. 

3. (Video) In-Depth Breakdowns Of My Most Powerful Psychological Hacks to Destroy Laziness & Lack of Motivation 

Here I’ll be revealing to you how I’m able to summon ridiculously powerful motivation that allows me to absolutely crush my workouts; this works for days when you’re feeling tired, unmotivated and lazy as a dog! This is a commonly over-looked feature of any fitness program, and alone has the ability to totally transform not just your physique, but also you professional life too. Become a super-motivated powerhouse, and discover how to finally commit to any routine (with ease too)! 

4. (Video) Step-By-Step Walkthrough of My Exact Warm-Up/ Cool-Down Routine To Boost Performance + Maximize Recovery 

In this section of the program I’ll be guiding you through each and every warm-up/ cool-down exercise and stretch that I personally perform “pre” and “post” workout. Each movement will be explained and demonstrated so that you’re able to follow-along! This will allow you to maximize your performance in the gym, as well as speed up your recovery process. Allowing you to achieve results faster, while minimizing the amount of time you spend feeling sore after a workout. 

Transform Your Physique, 2x Your Self-Confidence

What you’re going to be receiving isn’t JUST my exact step-by-step workout and nutrition program, but more importantly, the benefits that you’ll yield from following my easy to replicate system. 

No longer will you experience scenarios where you’re intimidated by someone else’s presence; whether that be of your boss, some wannabe-tough-guy at the bar, or even highly attractive girls.

Sure, with this program you’ll finally get your abs to show, develop a broader chest, grow your shoulders, and build a pair of muscular arms. But more importantly, you’ll gain the confidence that comes with having a great body

7 In-Depth Videos, 3 Step-By-Step PDF’s:

ZERO Thinking Required:

My program is so simple; all you need to do is follow the step-by-step format… no thinking required. Perform the workouts that are already laid out for you, execute the exercises the way I show you to on video, lift the weight for the prescribed number of sets and reps, and then watch as your body begins to rapidly transform. 

Simply watch the training videos, let me coach you, follow the outline, and see results…it COULDN’T be simpler!


Your results will be totally achieved without having to spend 7-10+ hours in the gym every single week. You won’t have to follow a ridiculously strict diet of bland boiled chicken breasts, tasteless brown rice, and steamed broccoli. And you won’t have to shell out $100’s on ridiculous supplements that won’t work. 

Take Another Look At These Before/ After’s & Testimonials

This Could Be YOU...

3 Most Commonly Asked Questions About The Program:

Q1: How Does Your Program Work?  

First and foremost, the Physique Sculpting Program is the exact system that I've been using for years to sculpt my current physique.  

It allows me to burn unwanted fat and build lean muscle mass incredibly fast.  

The program achieves this by following a number of vital training principles. A few of these include:  

• Following a workout structure that is designed to maximize calories burned both during AND after the workout • Progressive overload training for significant and consistent muscular growth • Training with a system that is constantly changing every few weeks to challenge the body in new ways, which will stimulate further fat burning and muscular growth.  

Q2: Do You Demonstrate The Proper Form Of The Exercises In The Program?  

Yes I do! The Physique Sculpting Program includes video breakdowns of proper exercise form, as well as full workout walk-throughs.  

I'm constantly working to add more content to the program as well. My goal is to demonstrate and exemplify absolutely every nuance of the program in video format. As of this point now, nearly every exercise is demonstrated in the program, with new additions happening every month! 

Q3: Can I Actually Message You If I Have A Question While Doing The Program?  


I'm answering guy's questions about the program all the time, and I encourage these questions too!  

There's 2 reasons why I do so:  

1. Your success is my main goal. Whether you're looking for exercise alternatives, you need further advice, or you’re just curious about learning more about my process, I'm here to answer! 24/7/365.  

2. A lot of the questions that you guys ask me end up turning into extra video content for the program. I'm always striving to make this program as great as I possibly can! As time goes on, and I receive more questions about the program…the larger it’ll become, and the closer to perfection it’ll be able to reach.  

HOLD ON! You’ll Also Receive These 2 Bonuses…

1. My DIRECT Snapchat Contact Info

2. 1-2 NEW Videos Added Every Month

  • By enrolling in my program, you’ll also be granted EXCLUSIVE access to my personal Snapchat contact info. With this, you can follow up with me at any time if you have any questions in regards to content in the program, or even about your own personal journey. 
  • Not just that, but you’ll also be taking advantage of a program that is continuously growing, and improving. I’m constantly tweaking, revising and adding sections to the program to make it the ultimate resource for you. In addition, I’ll constantly be adding more content where I’ll be delving into more detail, and breaking even further into the nitty-gritty of my exact process. This ensures that even the guys who are COMPLETE BEGINNERS to fitness are able to gain a full grasp of everything I’m covering.

Your Job is Simple…

Join the program right now. Follow the workouts. Perform the exercises. Let me coach you through the videos, and see results. It’s THAT simple!

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This is an EXCLUSIVE deal that has been designed STRICTLY for guys who are willing to take initiative right now. I ONLY want action takers and go-getters; that’s exactly why this 30 minute deadline is in place. After 30 Minutes is up, this deal is not going to be available again at this price. 

Think of this opportunity as a reward for all of you guys who grab life by the horns, and can confidently make quick decisions to improve your life.

***Click the button above right now, enroll in the program, be a part of the initiative takers, and make a transformation in your physique today. Don’t be a part of the guys who spend their days with their head in the clouds, dreaming about the possibilities, overthinking the process, talking themselves out of action, and missing their opportunity. 

Bonus…My EXACT Step-By-Step Six Pack Guide (Video - 14:29)

By being a part of the Initiative Takers today, I’m also going to be including a bonus copy of my Step-By-Step Six Pack Video Guide, the formula that I used to finally get my abs to show. This includes the exact training and nutrition that was required to uncover my six pack abs, a down-right simple to follow system that even the most out-of-shape guy could follow to get a sculpted midsection. This is an extremely limited bonus that is ONLY available to my initiative takers who enroll today. 

Normally this program is priced at $119, but today, for all of you Initiative Takers, I’m going to be offering you my program for a limited-time offer, of only $37 (one-time payment). 

If you’ve made it this far, I can tell you’re committed and are serious about making a change in your physique. To reward that commitment, and encourage you to act on that desire, you’ll be receiving exclusive access to my program for a one-time payment of $37. A whopping 68% OFF! Again, this is to reward the behaviour of all you Initiative Takers.

Stop Wasting 100’s-1000’s of Hours of Your PRECIOUS Time

If you don’t opt-in to this program, you’re going to continue investing time and effort with minimal results. 

You’re going to continue struggling trying to figure out all of this stuff on your own; meaning you’ll spend 100’s, if not 1000’s of hours every single year, studying, researching and going through the painful process of trial and error sorting the truth from the lies and the scams. 

You’re going to waste a majority of your free-time in the gym and the kitchen, attempting to piece together this puzzle on your own. Most importantly, you’re going spend more years of your life with a body you’re not 110% confident in.

30-Day's, 100% Money Back Guarantee. No Hassle, No Questions Asked.

That’s How Confident I Am In My Program 

And not ONLY that, but if you can prove that you put my program to the test and still weren’t satisfied with your results, I’ll double your refund and give you 2x your money back. THAT’S how confident I am in my Physique Sculpting Program.

This exclusive deal is ONLY available for the Initiative Takers who enroll in my program NOW.


The discounted price of 68% OFF, direct Q&A contact with me via Snapchat, my bonus Step-By-Step Six-Pack Guide, access to a continuously growing archive of hard hitting content that’s GUARANTEED to get you a killer body, on top of the original Physique Sculpting Program is ONLY available for the next 30 Minutes. 

Be a part of the Initiative Takers, and transform your physique TODAY. Simply click the red-button below, enroll in the Physique Sculpting Program, and get ready to discover the most killer method to shed inches off your waist, carve a six-pack, build lean muscle mass; and do so without having to spend 100’s of hours in the gym, following a ridiculously strict diet.